• Planning

    From concept development to end-to-end strategic planning, NuWin has the people and experience to help customers identify gaps, find opportunities and solve problems.

  • Focus

    Failure to succeed begins with distraction. Effective planning results in a series of tasks and milestones that reach goals and NuWin has the experience to keep you on task to succeed.

  • Execution

    Leaders fail when distraction ends in poor execution. NuWin is committed to the principles of planning and focus in order to execute flawlessly.

Mobile Billing

Direct carrier billing (DCB) is the most popular mobile payment method today! Consider the fact that there are 7.14 billion people in the world and 6.8 billion have a mobile phone account!

That's more than bank accounts (3.5 billion) or credit cards (2.15 billion). DCB is the logical next step in consumer billing evolution...and NuWin Enterprises has the expertise, relationships, and vision to bring innovative products to market faster!

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Nuwin Care

NuWin Care has emerged as a critical component of the healthcare crisis solution. We promise to significantly impact some of your most challenging problems with our current healthcare system by providing members with 24/7 access to state board-certified physicians, anytime and anywhere.

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Food waste is Excessive where 40% of all food produced goes directly into the waste stream. It is Expensive at a cost of $218 billion and $1 trillion to the U.S. and global economies respectively. It is Environmentally Harmful as the methane produced is 85x more harmful than CO2.

NuWin FWRD™ has a solution that is Faster, Safer, Cleaner, and Odorless.

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NuWin Care

Telehealth Platform

NuWin Care is not health insurance…it's a monthly subscription for routine healthcare services.

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Nuwin Foundation News

  • 31dec

    NuWin Foundation proudly announces its support for New Horizon Ranch! Their work utilizing equestrian therapy to help physically and mentally disabled youths and adults have been inspiring!

  • 30dec

    NuWin Foundation is proud to continue its commitment to the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts. Our donation this year will continue to help inspire youths, through the arts, in 2016!

  • 30dec

    NuWin Foundation is proud to continue its commitment to the Kansas City Anti-Violence Project! Our donation this year will continue to help KCAVP provide necessary services and critical outreach to the LGBT community!

  • 30dec

    NuWin Foundation is proud to announce its support for Kansas City Hospice! Our donation will continue to help Kansas City Hospice deliver on its core mission of Hospice Care, Palliative Care, Counseling, Children's Program, and Professional & Community Education!

  • 12dec

    NuWin Foundation is proud to announce its support for Sporting Lees Summit (SLS). SLS exists to provide youth players with soccer programs that teach fundamentals and encourage player development in a fun, supporting environment.

  • 08dec

    Thank You, Tan!

    As the year comes to an end, we extend our sincere gratitude to founding member Tan Nguyen, NuWin Enterprises, for serving as the first Ensemble Advisory Council Chair. We appreciate the vision, leadership and enthusiasm he provided while helping us to launch this dynamic, new membership program. David Disney, Vice President of JE Dunn, will succeed Tan as chairman. We know he will continue the solid foundation that Tan has built.

  • 01dec

    NuWin Foundation celebrates its second year in support of the Kansas City Anti Violence Project. With each donation made…our foundation is proud to help fight discrimination, bullying, harrassment, and hatred towards the LGBT community.